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history_monk ([personal profile] history_monk) wrote2014-12-23 06:28 pm

My 2014 in 100 words

FrameMaker; Wendy; Citrus; MS-SDL; Windows 8.1; The Cardinal's Mistress; Embedded XP; Chicago; SHA-256; Rabul; Peenemünde; RHEL7; Daphne Oram; VC14; Reality quakes; JavaScript; Bethnal Green; John Lewis; Radio 3; Woolwich; Sea Serpents; Juliet McKenna; Princess Charlotte; Dr Bob; Anna; Frogmen; Mount Etna; Salamanders; Podcasting; B-axis; WinRT; Joe Root; SSL and TLS; Gary Balance; SLES12; TORG; "Where's your other?"; David Jackson; MH370; Gare Loch; Moen Ali; SSL and TLS; RPoL; Army & Navy Stores; John Meaney; Persistent & Vexatious; Book Depository; 10.10; Porcupine Books; DMW Carol; Winston Churchill; The Huntress; Ukraine; Skill of the Week; rasff; "Winkle" Brown; ODE; Everest; Classic Shell.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, too!