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What3Words is amusing.

http://what3words.com/ is a way of designating any point on Earth with three words, and a website to look them up. My front door is in square hats.brand.chimp, which I'll settle for, given how many hats I have on the coat-pegs. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gerisullivan

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I appear to be actual.target.length

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Permutations -
actual.length.target is on the slip road at Rochester Airport, Rochester, USA
target.actual.length is a street in California
target.length.actual is a bay on the coast south of New York
length.actual.target is in Riverside, Chicago
length.target.actual is in Heatherton, a suburb of Melbourne.

Yes - this could get very confusing if someone mixed up the word order.

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I bet people are already hunting for the three words with the greatest global spread - e.g., a trio that gives you Australia, Africa, the USA, Europe, Antarctica and China in its permutations.

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Having transposed word points be very distant is definitely preferable to having them a few miles apart. It will usually be obvious that you've got something wrong.

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True. There are several fun games to be had with this, I think. Geotagging for jetsetters?
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Our front stair appears in the square grape.sleep.trucks.

Nifty thing, this.

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As Roger WINOLJ points out, it isn't open-source. The tables and algorithms are confidential, so if the site is down, you can't find anywhere this way. It's entertaining, but relying on it for a journey is unwise.

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The game of thinking of words and seeing where that leads you lasts a little while, and reveals that word order matters: transposing words in a set takes you somewhere very different, at least in the examples I've tried.

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Apparently I have a vast.robot.region at home :-)

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Whereas vast.robot.legion, which would be much more fun, is Stonewall Mountain in Nevada.

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Hum ... have you read Help Fund My Robot Army? (http://www.amazon.co.uk/ROBOT-Other-Improbable-Crowdfunding-Projects-ebook/dp/B00LFAGOLI)

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Looks like fun but I don't buy DRM-locked books or own a kindle.

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We are composers. cope. arch.

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I'm interested by the way we can find enough connections between the words and ourselves to make them memorable. I wonder if it works in W3W's other languages?