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history_monk ([personal profile] history_monk) wrote2015-12-24 02:20 pm
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My 2015 in 100 words

Housekeeping; Plaistow; Werewolf; Catia; Schlock Mercenary; El Capitan; Chronobahn; SIP; Dice designs; Bacon soup; VC14; Death of Duncan Druce; Coverity; Einstein, twice; eBay; Flamefang; PST; Book Depository; GuardStack; Skill of the Week; Code Signing; de Havilland Museum; Playtesting; Counterproductive marketing; Inkscape; Mara; Part Data Adapters; Echoes; Miss Brunner; Philby; John Lewis; Maxwell Knight; Wendy; Roger Keyes; Stuart Broad; Fritz-X; Blithe Spirit; Windows 10; USS Eldridge; Chessex; Red Lion Square; Monty Panesar; Forever City; Forums; Berserkers; T-34/85; Frankie; Syria; Mercury & Venus; 100 Windows machines; Europe; National Maritime Museum; Foolish selfishness; PayPal; Peninsular War; Amazon; Harpoon; SVG & PDF; Decans; LDAP.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.

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