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history_monk ([personal profile] history_monk) wrote2016-12-31 10:18 pm

My 2016 in 100 words

Kind of Blue; He 177; Cook; Vesuvius; Prog-rock Jabberwocky; Wolves; Anxiety; HMS Warspite; Briah; Teller; The battle with Windows 10; Anna Kreisling; Stack Exchange; Karen Gilham; JavaScript; Monty's Double; Brexit; Manifolds; Ogre dice; Introversion; Siemens; Infinity; iOS; Pegasus Bridge; Re-pointing; Centrum; Kickstarter; Manchester; Diplomacy; Golden Lads; VDS; Foolish politicians; Radio 3; macOS; The Whiteboard; Paris; Reputation points; Pykrete; PSS; Wendy; Skill of the Week; Caen; Surgery; India; Schlock Mercenary; Amerika Bomber; Adele; GWX Control Panel saves us; Trump; Hilton; Mark Clark; Painting; Dragons; burgers; CentOS 7; Bohr; GCA; Two Italian restaurants; RQ Classic; XKCD; The past that is willfully forgotten.

A Happy New Year to you all.